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Michael Fullan writes about the importance of "connecting peers with purpose""

Purposeful peer interaction works effectively under three conditions:
1. When the larger values of the organization and those of individuals and groups
2. When information and knowledge about effective practices are widely and
openly shared.
3. When monitoring mechanisms are in place to detect and address ineffective
actions, while also reinforcing and consolidating effective practices.

Fullan, M. (2008). //The six secrets of change//. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass

Linda Darling-Hammond suggests that effective professional development must:

• engage teachers in practical tasks and provide opportunities to observe, assess and reflect
on the new practices
• be participant driven and grounded in enquiry, reflection and experimentation
• be collaborative and involve the sharing of knowledge
• directly connect to the work of teachers and their students
• be sustained, on-going and intensive
• provide support through modelling, coaching and the collective solving of problems

Darling-Hammond, L. and McLaughlin, M.W. (1995). Policies that support professional development in an era of reform. Phi Delta Kappan, 76(8) pp 597–604

Darling-Hammond and Nikole Richardson ask what kinds of professional learning opportunities improve instruction and student achievement. They find that research supports professional development that:

* Deepens teachers' knowledge of content and how to teach it to students.
* Helps teachers understand how students learn specific content.
* Provides opportunities for active, hands-on learning.
* Enables teachers to acquire new knowledge, apply it to practice, and reflect on the
results with colleagues.
* Is part of a school reform effort that links curriculum, assessment, and standards to
professional learning.
* Is collaborative and collegial.
* Is intensive and sustained over time

Darling-Hammond, L. and Richardson, N. (2009). Teacher learning: What matters? How teachers learn, 66(5), 46-53.

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