We are grateful for the support of the following sponsors of EdcampMN 2014.

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Learn with video! Create interactive video lessons that engage learners.

Zaption helps educators turn video into a personalized, interactive learning experience. Teachers can use Zaption’s intuitive web app to quickly add images, quizzes, and discussions to existing videos from YouTube, Vimeo and private video libraries. The result is an engaging “lean forward” activity. With Zaption’s analytics, instructors get real-time feedback and actionable data to track progress towards learning outcomes. The basic version is free and the Pro version offers premium features such as greater interactivity, group management and LTI keys for your LMS. Starting in August, Zaption will be featuring ready-to use FREE standards-based interactive video lessons teachers can instantly use to make video come alive in the classroom.
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A visual writing prompt and creation platform to kick-start any writing activity!

How can you support the Edcamp model? Participate in other Edcamps, or start your own!

Looking for upcoming Edcamps in the Minnesota and Wisconsin area? Check out Edcamp Lake Superior, which will be held August 18, 2014 at Lake Middle School, Superior, Wisconsin.