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The Collaboration Dilemma: How the Rules are Shifting

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About Steve

It is fair to say that in the team-building activity “Two Truths and A Lie” Steve Hoffman rarely has to make anything up. Steve was an administrator in Cairo, Egypt during what has become known as “The Arab Spring”. During the uprising Steve was home for a 10 day respite and on his way to play a rousing game of floor hockey in Robbinsdale when WCCO started talking about the Middle East. Steve was on-air
just a few minutes later talking about the perceptions and misperceptions of the U.S. and U.S. media. Just a day later WCCO called Steve again to get his impression of the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak. And, then, Steve and family were back in Cairo!

Steve was in Washington, D.C. during the Divestment Movement of Apartheid, in the South Pacific on the island of Santa Cruz when the Berlin Wall fell, near Hong Kong during Tiananmen Square, and on the shores of Lake Ontario on December 31, 1999 turned toward the city of Toronto to watch the impact of Y2K. From all of these events Steve has learned that we are only stopped by our unwillingness to imagine what we can achieve!

Steve most recently led Saint Paul Schools in what is now called “Personalized Learning”. As the first external image arrow-10x10.png to hold the position of Assistant Director for Academic Innovation and Technology Integration, Steve's role was to build, build, build. Build links across all departments. Build community awareness and commitment. Build away from the fear of the little known to the possibilities that lie within. Steve
external image arrow-10x10.png to swim more upstream in the most traditional professional field in the U.S.—education.

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