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Ira David Socol

"Linking conceptual and historical research with real,
on-the-ground investigation and trial of best practices
allows me to create a unique way of looking
at our educational systems, both formal and informal."

Ira David Socol is an educational researcher at Michigan State University focusing on Universal Design and the history and structures of education. Through his work as a blogger, special needs educator, and advocate for progressive school spaces, Ira is an impassioned voice for understanding the interactions between technology and "disability." Ira is an author, teacher, and speaker. Does he ever sleep?

Read more of Ira's ideas at his blog, SpeEdChange.
The Educology Partners Project

To learn more about his recent work, explore the projects below.

Ira Socol - Opening Keynote for #edcampmn 2012 (part 1 of 3)

Ira Socol - Opening Keynote for #edcampmn 2012 (part 2 of 3)

Ira Socol - Opening Keynote for #edcampmn 2012 (part 3 of 3)

Keynote Slide Deck

Changing the Argument Slide Deck

Keynote QR Codes

Freedom Stick

Freedom Stick Blog Post at SpeEdChange

Accessible Firefox Everywhere

Language Support Packs
PC Accessibility Pack
Mac OS Accessibility Pack

Changing Rooms (Slide Deck)

Seeding Change (3rd Grade)

Teaching Multitasking (4th grade)

Toolbelt Theory - Tool Choice (3rd Grade)
Toolbelt Theory, TEST, and RTI

Dreaming Again (from Ireland #ICTEDU)